Education Episode! RFNE 2/26/2012

In this week’s podcast: Education news, Dave Moore visits an NH B&B, David Bridges talks about being quiet, Eric Messick discusses yard sales, and we talk education policy around the region.


  1. love single funding source.. they tried to do that in Texas and it was deemed “too socialist!”

  2. Alright! I enjoyed this episode alot. David’s talk on speaking and listening was right on point. Snailman, I love garage sales; you never no what you may find. Chris, children should not suffer for their parents mistakes, and gotta love those teachers:)

  3. Yard sales are just fabulous, as are thriftstores!!! To think I have been recycling and conserving all of these years is awesome …. hadn’t thought about it like that until recently. Enjoyed it, Snail’s Path!

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