Education Episode! RFNE 2/26/2012

In this week’s podcast: Education news, Dave Moore visits an NH B&B, David Bridges talks about being quiet, Eric Messick discusses yard sales, and we talk education policy around the region.


4 thoughts on “Education Episode! RFNE 2/26/2012

  1. David2

    Alright! I enjoyed this episode alot. David’s talk on speaking and listening was right on point. Snailman, I love garage sales; you never no what you may find. Chris, children should not suffer for their parents mistakes, and gotta love those teachers:)

  2. Bonnie

    Yard sales are just fabulous, as are thriftstores!!! To think I have been recycling and conserving all of these years is awesome …. hadn’t thought about it like that until recently. Enjoyed it, Snail’s Path!

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