RFNE 2.7 Why Gifts Matter

It’s the weekend after Thanksgiving, and we didn’t wake up from our turkey-induced nap in time to interview a guest this week, but our interview segment returns on December 2nd. In it’s place, we discuss the holiday rush in this week’s commentary.


Snail’s Path: Eric Messick reflects on lessons learned from Sandy and loss of power.

  • Comfort in the modern era
  • The history of electric power
  • Access to power in the future
  • “All-in” Energy Policies

Next American Experiment: Monday Night, Shawn and Dean return to discuss when a person’s private life should become public.

Commentary: Experiencing the holiday rush? I’m nostalgic for holiday-inspired goodwill.

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1 thought on “RFNE 2.7 Why Gifts Matter

  1. Sarah

    Messick wants to burn books and Chris cherishes his….hmmmm….what’s the message here, boys? Miss you Chris! And I heart Messick!

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