Next American Experiment: Fiscal Cliff 12/03/2012

Shawn, Dean and Chris discuss the “Fiscal Cliff” and what needs to be done to set the federal government on the right track.

Show Notes:

What’s so bad about going over the fiscal cliff?

Some liberals, and some conservatives, are trying to hold a deal hostage by saying what they categorically won’t accept. Is this bad governing?

Is Warren Buffett right that raising taxes on the wealthy won’t stop investment?

Is Grover Norquist done?

Is Simpson-Bowles a solution, or is it soon-to-be-forgotten?

Links to materials we discussed: – Bob Corker, R-TN

Sanders against Simpson-Bowles Commission and vows to defend Social Security during budget negotiations. Sanders praised President Obama saying Social Security and other safety-net programs ought to be off the table.