RFNE: Ethan Allen’s 275th Birthday

On January 21st, 1738, Ethan Allen, Revolutionary patriot and Vermont statesman, was born in Litchfield, CT. He moved onto a land grant in what would become Burlington, VT in the 1760s and began a long fight for his adopted homeland with the Green Mountain Boys.

Aside from participating in important battles, Allen was an influential writer and statesman in Vermont. In honor of Ethan’s 275th  birthday, Dan O’Neill, Director of the Ethan Allen Homestead in Burlington Vermont joins us today to talk about his work at the homestead, and Ethan Allen’s legacy.

Check out the Ethan Allen Homestead’s website at ethanallenhomestead.org.

If you’d like to shop for Ethan Allen’s written works, or his latest biography by Willard Sterne Randall, visit the Ethan Allen Bookshop.

And don’t forget, The Homestead has big events planned for Ethan Allen’s 275th birthday this year, so plan a visit this spring or summer.

Our theme music is from Sean Griffith’s band Corey Road, performing Not To Be In Love. You can find this and other of Sean’s work at iTunes or coreyroad.bandcamp.com“.

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