About RFNE


If the state of the world has you down, or daily living has you feeling disconnected from the people and places in your own backyard, let RFNE help you reconnect with the spirt of your community. 

New England Character and Culture

Radio Free New England offers a unique look into life in our region. From America’s birth in Massachusetts Bay, through the literary awakening of the 1800s, and into the mills of the industrial revolution, New England’s character has expanded and grown, while keeping its identity as a place of independence and intelligent culture.

The Podcast

Through interviews and audio essays, RFNE seeks insight into the surprising history and wonderful people living in New England. With stories from the past and conversations with artists, makers, and neighbors, you’ll hear a sampling of the news of the week in our six States, and ideas on how to make the most out of living in this place we call home.

RFNE Classics

If you don’t know where to start, give a listen to these three RNFE Classics:

Where to Find RFNE

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