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S1 Ep 9 – Messick Returns!

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I’m pleased to be joined this week by Eric Messick, long-time RFNE commentator on The Snail’s Path, focused on sustainability, environment, and climate issues. Eric is back this week to talk about the November 6th elections in the context of climate issues.

Our music has a decidedly oldies feel this week – from Sam Cooke to the Temptations and Supremes.

Plus, I talk about my own views on the midterm elections and the need for dignity and solidarity in the face of national division.

RFNE is Back!

See the post above. RFNE is BACK.

I’m switching venues, slightly, and will not be regularly podcasting. So, if it’s just going to be a blog, and not a podcast, I think you’ll agree that any title with RADIO in it is not just misleading, but also silly.

Have no fear, if you follow RFNE and are worried about what you’ll do with one less blog in your feed, you can follow my new, written work at The Fireside. Please follow me there!