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The Power of Meaning, Part 1


In this week’s Marot Memo, I discuss the book The Power of Meaning by Emily Smith.  The book is terrific – here’s a link if you want to purchase or read a sample.

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RFNE Essay: The Limits of Data

A number of items this week all point to a common theme: data is not to be pursued for its own sake, nor just to make a profit. If data is just about data, or about money, then it is dangerous and destructive.

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Poutine Rising

As many of you know, I’d abandoned the Radio Free New England project at the end of 2012 when I moved to Maine, in order to focus on a more purely local podcast and site, cascobayradio. Frankly, the endeavor hasn’t been nearly as fun or inspiring to me and I am considering resurrecting Radio Free New England, with it’s companion site and show Mondays with Marot. This post is an experiment in how that reboot would work – please leave a comment or “like” this post if you’d like to see the return of RFNE.

Also, as the title suggests, this post is not simply about the return of RFNE. It’s also about a craze that started in Quebec, but is certainly a part of New England culture – specifically Franco-American New England – too. It’s called Poutine. If you’ve never had it, you don’t have Franco-American or French Canadian relatives and you’ve likely never very far north. It’s a great dish, and the Guardian is even heralding it as a hangover cure for their British readers. Check out their post here. It just goes to show that the combination of fries, gravy and cheese is a beautiful thing.

Again, please drop me a comment or “like” this post if you’d like to see RFNE return with its broader approach and outlook on New England culture. I look forward to hearing from you!

RFNE: Ethan Allen’s 275th Birthday

On January 21st, 1738, Ethan Allen, Revolutionary patriot and Vermont statesman, was born in Litchfield, CT. He moved onto a land grant in what would become Burlington, VT in the 1760s and began a long fight for his adopted homeland with the Green Mountain Boys.

Aside from participating in important battles, Allen was an influential writer and statesman in Vermont. In honor of Ethan’s 275th  birthday, Dan O’Neill, Director of the Ethan Allen Homestead in Burlington Vermont joins us today to talk about his work at the homestead, and Ethan Allen’s legacy.

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